Pratik's Testimonial
Pratik's TestimonialSubscriber

Thanks Amit...
I really appreciate your kindness and support.
Your software is amazing its really helpful to do trading in such a volatile mkt.

Indar Gaur's Testimonial
Indar Gaur's TestimonialSubscriber

Hello sir- Great work and consistency, superb timing, its not about always getting a good calls for profit its about the consistency in research you make and share with so many...Keep up doing great work👍 all the best & fly high!...

Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software

We deliver the industry best

  • Do you provide demo ?

    Yes, absolutely we provide. Clients satisfaction is very important. We provide live market and off market demonstration. If you interested in demo, please click on the link below. After that have to install TeamViewer14 or “Anydesk“ at your system and inform us via email “” along with login ID and passwords credentials. You also can call us anytime after filling the form. M : +91- 9792462221

  • What’s is the accuracy of software?

    Accuracy is the matter of discipline trade and time frame of the trade. As per our back test records, details are mention below:

    Intraday trade : Time Frame – 5 and 10 mins

    Target 1 – 80 % | Target 2 – 50 % | Target 3 and mode 30 %

    Swing trade : 15 and 30 mins

    Target 1 – 80 % | Target 2 – 60 % | Target 3 and mode 50 %

  • In which segment it works ?

    It works in all segments like equity cash , equity derivative , Commodity derivative and currency as well. Respective data you have to arrange. We provide equity cash , equity derivative , Commodity derivative and Indian currency data. Data charges will be separately paid on monthly basis.

  • Do you have customer service?

    Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. Time : 9.00 AM to 11.55 PM Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday Customer service will be available between 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

  • At how many system it will be installed ?

    One ID will be installed only at one system. If you need same software at 2 or more systems, you need to pay additional 50 % per system. For example : For One id cost is Rs 10000 and you need same at two system then you have to Pay Rs 10000+ (50%of 10000) 5000 means total 15,000 and if you are looking for 3 systems, you have to Pay Rs 10000+5000+5000 = 20,000

  • Payment will be one time or monthly?

    Payment will be absolute one time. No any additional or renewal charges you need to pay during the tenure. Any further update will be installed as per plan at time to time.

  • At which platforms software will work ?

    It will work only on Windows based platform like Mobile, tablet, computer and laptop. At any android or IOS plate-from, software will not work. But we can connect your computer with mobile as a complimentary and you can use that fro mobile trading.

  • What if any problem will occur in computer or laptop?

    With in 3 months from the date of installation, we will provide one free of cost re-Installation at same system. After that 2500 re-instillation charges will be paid. Before that our audit team will conform that, its same system in which we installed previously. No any obligation can be raised again auditor’s reports.

  • Technical requirements

    Minimum 4 MBPS speed, No antivirus (if installed then inactive during installation), no any preloaded Amiboker, 4.0 or above version. Any technical issue will not be considered as delay for refund.

  • How do you install the software after making payment?

    Once the payment confirmed by our accounts section, you will get an email notification of of “Paid Invoice“. After that have to install TeamViewer14 or “Anydesk“ at your system and inform us via email along with login ID and passwords credentials. Our technical team will take your system at remote access and will install the software remotely through online. After the installation, they will train you how to use the SkynetTrade Software. The whole process will take from 10 to 30 minutes depends on your internet speed.

  • How to buy live data feeds ?

    That you can plan from your side, but if you have no idea that from where to subscribe the live data feeds, our technical team will help you out to find a data vendor. Moreover we will not take any responsibility of your data vendor but yes, we will take responsibility of our data vendor related to service after sale.