Skynet Trade

Buy Sell Signal Software

SkynetTrade is the subsidiary of “Convetic Networks Private Limited” provide the industry best 100 % accurate buy sell signal software. Our software can be used in any kind of market either Indian market or any international market. It can be used in Forex Trading and Cross currency trading as well.

Buy sell signal software
Buy Sell Signal Software

Software’s Feathers

20+ Indicators used :

Why SkynetTrade is the best Auto Buy sell signal software ?. We used more than 20 indicators to develop our trading system. Most of us are very much known and familiar with most of the technical indicator and oscillators. The point how to use those and what parameters are perfect for which kind of trade. A perfect permutation and combination of some technical indicator and oscillators can make a profitable trading system.

Non Repaintable Signals:

Most of the software service providers provide their systems which really looks nice but the fact behind is most of the signals got repainted during the market hrs but when you see at end of the day then all looks very much lovely and fabulous. The black truth is not a single trading software can catch top or bottom at any condition. SkynetTrade system’s never get repainted.

Noise Less Trading system:

In general, we get too many buy and sell signals when the market was sideways or range bound. Our advanced trading system never generate any signal during sideways market. Even its try to tell you that now the chances of breakout is quite visible. No trade is also a trade when you are not taking any loss-full trade.

3 level scanner and filter system:

By using the technical analysis, we use a scanner which will help you out to find the perfect stock for day trading prospective. We use 3 layer filter system to do this.

Auto alert output:

When any buy or sell signal get generated, system gives you an alert output in respective box. From where we you can find the respective trade for execution. That will also help you out to find those signals which you missed.

Trailing stop loss:

It’s also one of the best feature which can help you out to protect your profit. Trailing Stop loss is very important in the condition of high volatile market. SketnetTrade stop loss system is very much different than others. Its basically work of the basis of ATR (Average true range). Booking profit can never make anyone bankrupt.

3 Level Targets:

SketnetTrade software provide 3 levels of targets and you can use those level also as training stop loss.